Friday, June 19, 2015

I'm doing *something* right...

I'm on the first page of two google searches: skeletons webcomic, and skeletons comic. Below Helvetica and frenums, but still, progress, maties. This means one of two things: I'm doing something correctly, driving traffic either through SEO or word-of-mouth ...


Or google is lying to me. Which could be true, since google tailors their results to particular viewers, much to the consternation of SEO experts and their clients. Especially since searching for google tailored search results puts DuckDuckGo's explanation of why you should use them instead on the first page.

Oh wait, DuckDuckGo shows me on the first page, too... Of course, this is all moot, since someone who likes Helvetica or frenums will still see them on their first pages of google because of the filter bubble, and since google is more popular than DuckDuckGo, I'm not going to be getting much traffic.

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