Monday, June 27, 2016

Every comic schedule I post is a pipe dream

 New comics every week? Pah
Okay, not really. On Wednesday, my computer started freezing constantly; me being my slightly crafty and dangerously curious self pried the thing open to REVEAL...

Nothing at first glance. I checked all the parts (which, mind you, was not easy, this being a laptop.) and found that the display adapter and proccessor needed new thermal paste. Easy enough. I replaced the thermal paste on the parts and then found that my laptop was still having problems; it would sometimes say that there was no OS on my hard drive, but when it wasn't doing that, command line's CHKDSK said there was nothing wrong. All of that probably means that the connection between my hard drive and my laptop has failed, a problem for which I have no remedy - and since I have nearly no money, (literally on the verge of becomng homeless, guys.) I can't buy a new laptop, hence I am using a borrowed tablet PC (read: giant phone) to do things but I can't do comics very well on it.

thanks for reading my veritable wordwall of run on sentences.