TL;DR: This is a webcomic about skeletons which rarely pays attention to the fact that they are skeletons. All the zombies or skeletons are probably going to look sort of human-ish/alive while all the people are skeletons. And some self-deprecating humour.

This was started in... June 2013, I think? Let me check that...


Yep, June. That's a nice month to start a webcomic in, right? Anyways, this is more of a hobby than anything else, obviously; I'd be writing something like "Skeletons! is an innovating fun buzzword device..." if I were trying anything super professional.

It's just that after reading a lot of Adam Huber's Bug Martini, I decided "hey, I have a lot of good jokes, I should start a webcomic!". I had tried to start a webcomic before (waaay before. I had never even heard of any webcomics besides xkcd and cyanide and happiness at the time.), but I couldn't decide on a title (I eventually settled on "quite uppercrass" which is the stupidest title ever) and it was really crappy; I mean like, really crappy; the jokes were not very good, and my sense of humor wasn't highly refined at the time. Also, the art was terrible. Barely even stickmen.

Fast forward a few years and I'm reading Bug Martini and rl'yeh'ng on the floor laughing my ftagn ass off; Bug sort of inspired this entire comic. The only creature I can really draw is the common skeleton(aka skelebones), and thus, it was the natural choice for this comic.

Mainly the comics are about my interests or about extrapolating odd jokes from relatively disassociated concepts. I don't know why I do that. Decomposition works in reverse in this world.

If you have a comic about skeletons, too, please keep in mind: I didn't know that your comic existed when I made mine; I'll probably link your comic in one of the blog posts because skeletons are wonderful and your comic is probably just as funny as mine or funnier. Er.

Gosh, this post gets longer every time I try to update this. This webcomic has been around for four(!) years now and it is a labor of love (when I'm not so busy that I have to skip updating it). Despite the fact that this is a hobby for me, I'm always happy when someone views a new strip I post.

All of this page feels rambling-y-ish now. There's a TL;DR at the top.

About me? Well, read everything in italics as sarcastic or jokingly or not serious or something.

I'm a narcissist who totally deserves to be in MENSA but can't afford the premiums I mean come on guys. I like physics, and I have a lot of stuff to say sometimes, which is why I should be a writer for washington post or something but no one will recognize my greatness. I know a lot of things about various subjects, like, for example, religion, atheism, history, math, physics, chemistry, etymology, and more! Basically I'm better than you! Haha. I get writers block when I try to blog, though, so you don't see me talking too much about this stuff from this webcomic. I'm the author of The Leprechaun Delusion and Monsters Among Us and am apparently obsessed with hyperlinks. Go buy my books. It lets me get starbucks (ha, joking, starbucks is horrible) more often. I'm in college, getting three degrees (Physics, Biochem, and Anthropology), which means I m officially a college student which means you can feel free to take away weird stereotypes.

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