Saturday, September 14, 2013

why deadlines are good for me

without deadlines, I forget to do stuff. Important stuff.

Over time, I had begun to realize that I procrastinate waaaaay tooo much, so I tried to find a solution; alas, I was too lazy to make anything work. It was then that I had something that had a deadline; a deadline saved me from eternal procrastinating.

I had to do a paper by a certain date and I pushed it off until the last minute; this was both good and bad. Good because I learned how to write a paper extremely quickly without sacrificing quality. Bad because I did it at the last minute.

Of course, it did teach me something - I can't get shit done without a deadline, otherwise I'll sit down and do more nothing. Sure, I'll occasionally miss a deadline, but not by more than a few days, which is a good score, if you ask me.

The problem is, most things in my life don't have deadlines. Surely you must be thinking "Just slap some deadline on them and gooo!", but you don't understand. Establishing deadlines has no deadline. I'm caught in an eternal loop unless someone ELSE gives me a deadline.

In short, I need a job.

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